Gate Safety Certificates for only £50 per month

With each months subscription you can issue as many certificates as you need for one great low cost.


Create While On-Site

Signing off a new installation, adding additional equipment or Automation MOT. Simply create a certificate there and then.


Once you have created your file, send a digital "Owner" copy to the clients email. No Signal? that's ok just send it later.


We understand people can lose important documents and your digital files are backed up on the cloud for 18 Months.


Certificates of Inspection and Compliance

All Automation installations deteriorate with age and use. They should therefore be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a safe and satisfactory condition for continued use.

Our Inspection and Compliance Certificate ensures the safety of an Automated gateway installation with a declaration that the new installation, alteration or addition is safe to use at the time it was put into service.

Certificates of Inspection and Compliance

Inspection Notice of Compliance Certificate
(BS EN 12453:2017, BS EN12604)
Visual Inspection Notice of Compliance
(BS EN 12453:2017, BS EN12604)
Service Maintenance Compliance Certificate
(BS EN 12453:2017, BS EN12604)
Power Operated Door Requirements Compliance Certificate
(BS EN 12453:2017, BS EN12604)
Minor works Certification Part P
(BS 7671: 2017, BS EN12604)


Frequently Asked Questions

A Gate Safety Certificate ensures that your gates are compliant and operating safely. This involves an inspection of the Automation by a competent engineer to make sure everything is working correctly.

The certificate ensures that:
All gate Automation is in working in good condition and not exceeding Force Test limits.
All Electrical Equipment and saftey Equipment are not damaged and are in safe working order.
All New installations, Repairs and Addional Equipment are in Compliance with UK Regulations

Yes. The automation installed on your property is down to you to make sure there is a Service Agreement and Certificate of Compliance, just like your Gas and Electric Certificate! if any accident was to happen with regards the Automation and your cannot prove its safe for use, You may find yourself in a Civil Court Dispute

Gate, Doors and Barrier systems should be inspected annual for safe functionality and preventative Maintenance. Professional installers demostrate the ability to provide Certification as Part of their proof of qualifiction. Always make sure you recieve a copy of your Certification

Certificates should be issued for New installations, Modifying or repairs, and annual services

It's time to change the Automation Industry

To many accidents and injurys have happened in recent years, due to careless automation installations. Our Gate Safety Certificates are here to help your Company and Customers have the piece of mind that all aspects of the installation meet UK Legislation. Help protect your business with records to show that at the time of inspection, The Automation, Electrical an Safety systems are compliant
We say you won’t look back.